14 Years ago in a small city, smack bang in the middle of the United Kingdom, called Wakefield a band was formed going by the name of TWICE NIGHTLY.

Born out of a love for cheesy music, groovy dancing and a need to perform to the masses, singer Andy Taylor recruited friends Paul Holland (guitar), Lee Allsop (keys), Paul Baxter (bass) and Neil Scott (drums) from his course at the local music college and begun his plans to take on the cover/party band circuit.

Starting off slowly they performed at working mens clubs and parties across Yorkshire before finally progressing to playing summer and Christmas balls for the armed forces around the country. News was spreading quickly that TWICE NIGHTLY are a party band for all occasions and the offers to play weddings and party gigs started to fly in.

In 2004 tragedy struck when founding members Neil Scott and Paul Baxter decided to move on and pursue their options in other musical fields. Momentarily knocked by this news the TWICE NIGHTLY party boat was steadied by the pounding beats and funky bass playing of Andrew Wilkinson and Neil Laird. Spurned on by the new recruits TWICE NIGHTLY branched out from their usual gigs and moved on to the holiday park circuit.

Over the next 6 years or so the band honed and streamlined their set and performance to become one of the most sort after party bands on the circuit.

This is where things go a little crazy…….

Drummer Andy Wilkinson decided, after much deliberation, that his time in the band was to come to an end. Enlisting the skills of long-time stand-in drummer and friend Andrew Clayton the band was able to continue on.

However the leaving of founding member Lee Allsop was a bigger problem. Being the only keyboardist who they knew at the time the band were forced to swap to the new and slightly scary technology of using backing tracks to fill out the sound. However after many rehearsals the band was able to carry on regardless becoming tighter and a more professional unit.

After another year or so Neil decided to return to university to study his 2nd love in the field of social care. This paved the way for newest member of the band Luke Fellows. Being a few years younger than the rest, this new burst of energy and ideas has propelled them on to bigger and better things.
Also since the beginning of April 2012, Andrew Clayton decided to retire his sticks and move on to teaching. So enter the babyface of the band Alex Byard-cooke. At a mere 18 years old he has slot into the Twice Nightly family like a younger brother to Luke.

In 2011, Twice Nightly were asked to perform alongside X factor contestant Paije Richardson at the annual staff awards ceremony for the Butlins Skegness resort. After putting on their usual high standard of performance they were offered a weekly spot throughout the summer season which they grabbed with both hands and now have gone on to perform there many times ending their year with a epic performance to bring in the New Year.  TWICE NIGHTLY have to branched out to the 2 other Butlins resorts throughout 2012 and have gone from strength to strength.

A couple of years ago an idea was mentioned to them in passing about trying a band specifically for the 80s crowd. 2 months later REFLEX 80s was born.
Taking in their extensive knowledge of 80s pop/rock and dance music REFLEX 80s have moved on to playing themed nights in hotels, corporate events, and after a epic 3 day, 3 country, 3 gig weekend the 80s Big Weekenders at Butlins Holiday Parks.
This is going from strength to strength and now REFLEX 80s are entertaining crowds up and down the country at various party and theme nights.

Upon seeing the shift in musical and party night trends BACK TO THE NINETIES was formed. Set at the high standards that TWICE NIGHTLY and REFLEX hold for themselves this is set to be the next big band being talked about.

So thats them….
If you’re looking for a party band that will just turn up and be a bunch of pre madonnas then you’re in the wrong place, because these 4 down-to-earth blokes from Yorkshire are the band that will always try to go the extra mile.

If you’re after a band for any event be it a wedding, birthday party, theme night or just a good old knees up TWICE NIGHTLY, REFLEX 80s or BACK TO THE NINETIES are the band for you.

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